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The Story of Sunscreen.


Sunscreens are unique products in that their safety is tied to their efficacy. A poor performing moisturizer is unfortunate but it does not impact your health. Sunscreens on the other hand are one of the few lifestyle products that can greatly impact global health and should be used every single day by every one.

However, what many consumers do not realize is that there is a big discrepancy in the safety amongst available products. Labels and SPF’s do not communicate a product’s true protection and consumers are left with few ways to discern what makes for a safe product.

UVB biased sunscreens and the frequent use of potential endocrine disrupting chemicals are two critical issues that affect many commercially available sunscreens.

We have built a foundation of expertise in making the best zinc oxide sunscreens in the world. We make them to maximize their protection and we make them aesthetic. We have based our research on peer reviewed medical literature and on the guidance from global regulatory health agencies.

It is the combination of cutting edge products, fact based research and a willingness to innovate that provides us our competitive advantage. In continuing to spread this message and product around the world, our collaborative efforts can benefit us all.

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